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2020-2021 Odyssey Charter Schools Calendar
The Odyssey Charter Schools calendar was approved by Odyssey’s Governing Board on August 11, 2020. View Calendar.

Fall 2020 Distance Learning Schedule
View and download the Fall 2020 Schedule.

Parent Guide to Distance Learning
This Parent Guide has been designed to provide parents with a comprehensive guide to understanding Distance Learning at Odyssey Charter Schools. It contains information on how to support your student, key contact information, tutorials for various technology platforms, and more.

COVID-19 Communications and Community Updates
Access all COVID-19 Communications and Community Updates. Click Here.

Principals’ Thursday Newsletters
Access Ms.Corona’s  weekly Thursday Newsletter of important school information and updates. Click Here.

Classroom Google Sites
Click the link below to access your classroom website.

Kindergarten Ms. Denise Ms. Katie
1st Grade Ms. Linda Ms. Tammy
2nd Grade Ms. Bridget Ms. Jillian
3rd/4th Grade 3rd grade 4th grade
5th/6th Grade 5th grade 6th grade

OCS Parent/Student Handbook
Approved by the OCS Governing Board on October 23rd, 2018. This handbook is a basic guideline of policies and procedures  regarding students, parents, and other compliance matters.If you require a printed copy, you may request it from the Front Office. Download Handbook.




Breakfast & Lunch Program
Odyssey Charter Schools partners with Aveson’s Food Service Healthy Living program to provide healthy meals to our students. We serve fresh, seasonal, local produce (some grown in Aveson’s garden) including our delicious salad bar!

Breakfast consists of a main meal option served with a selection of cereals, fresh fruit/juice, and milk. For lunch we offer a fresh salad bar along with a healthy, nutritious entree.

If your student is going to be absent, please email with your child’s name, reason for absence, and expected date of return to school. You can also call us with this information (626) 229-0993.

Afterschool On-site Care
Tom Sawyer Camps, Inc . has been offering Odyssey Charter School parents and students after-school programs for several years. Located on the campus, Tom Sawyer Camps provides students activities on-site until 6:00pm for our students. More detailed information about Tom Sawyer Camps, can be found on their website or by calling the office at (626) 794-1156. Enroll your child today.

PowerSchool serves as the primary school-to-home communication to keep parents informed of their child’s progress in class. This tool helps you monitor attendance, grades, assignments and more! A mobile app is available for Android and Apple iOS is also available for easy access on any mobile device.

Standards Based Grading
Standards Based Grading Report Card Guide K-8 Our Report Card is standard based and designed to communicate with parents and students progress and learning being demonstrated in class for the current trimester in each content area.


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