Our core beliefs define how we work, how we treat each other and what our organization and schools value in life and through education.

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We believe that education requires the collaboration of parents, students, educators, administrators, advocates, organizations and the public. To come together and welcome each other into a community of learning and into the aspiration of improving the educational experience for more students.


We believe that a better future for our children and our society requires the interconnection of many points of view, beliefs, languages, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and experiences. It enriches the experience of learning, problem-solving and development.


We believe that the pathway to academic excellence is not singular. Our team creates an environment where different learning approaches and self-advocacy drive the educational experience.


We believe that individuals thrive where students, teachers, staff and administrators are able to experience respect, acceptance and space for their strengths, differences and opportunities. That an open, diverse, inclusive environment benefits the entire community.


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