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In times like this, we are reminded of the importance of building community and staying connected. As we’ve had to shift what school looks, sounds, and feels like, we have also had to reimagine our fundraising efforts. This year, the Annual Campaign is our ONLY fundraising event

Now, more than ever, our schools need your support. 

Your financial donations sustain our beloved teacher assistants who provide vital support to students everyday.


JOIN US! Together, we will meet our goals!

$150,000 for Odyssey South 

$250,000 for Odyssey



What is the Annual Campaign?

The Annual Campaign Drive serves as the heart of our largest fundraiser and a crucial portion of our annual operating budget. Every year we rely on this continued support from our community to help us sustain the quality and depth of the education provided at Odyssey and OCS-South. The money raised during our Annual Campaign Drive directly supports our ability to offer a robust educational experience for our students.

Why should I give?

As a public charter school, only a portion of our financial obligations are fulfilled by state funds, where our state funding is 30% below the national average. We depend on donations from parents to fill significant budget gaps that our state funding does not cover.  

  • Make Odyssey Charter Schools your top philanthropic priority
  • According to the US Tax returns, Americans on average give 3%-5% of their annual income to charity.
  • We encourage families to make Odyssey and Odyssey South part of your yearly giving.
What does my donation fund?

Your tax deductible donation to the Annual Campaign ensures that we continue to live out our mission dedicated to ensuring:

  • Our schools are able to retain and attract high quality teachers by providing equitable pay.
  • Our highly skilled Classroom Teacher Assistants continue to support implementing our workshop model and educational programs.
  • Our ability to offer and maintain qualitative enrichment programs that enhance the learning  experiences of students and support the development of the whole child.
How much should I donate?

We strive to fulfill two main goals:

  • 100% participation from our families
  • Meet our Annual Campaign Goal 

We ask that you donate an amount that is meaningful to you and your family  at a level that is comfortable. We invite families to make one time donations, subscribe to donate monthly, or make multiple donations throughout the school year. Donations range from $25 to in excess of $15,000.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes!  Odyssey Charter Schools is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Our tax ID number is 95-4753574. 

Does my donation really make a difference?

Yes! Without your generous donations, we would not be able to fund our highly skilled teacher assistants and enrichment programs which depend on the continued giving of our community.

Why is 100% family participation important?

100% percent participation in the Annual Campaign is a way we express our commitment to our students, our community, teachers and staff.  Your contribution not only shows your financial support, it represents your positive involvement in providing our students with a high-quality education. 100% participation is also a benchmark that many foundations use when deciding whether to award grants. 

Matching Company Search

Gift matching is an easy way to increase the value of your charitable gift through your employer. 

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please search your company’s name on Charity Navigator.

Our Supporters

Our community is extremely grateful to our benefactors who have enabled us to enhance our students’ learning experience.

  • The Ahmanson Foundation
  • The William C. Bannerman Foundation
  • The Carol and James Collins Foundation
  • GOOD Magazine & The University of Phoenix
  • The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • The Weingart Foundation
  • JUST Water
  • Community Foundation for Monterey County


Odyssey Charter School is in its 20th year of operation as a free, K-8 public charter school. Our educational programs cultivate a whole-child learning experience through the balance of academic excellence, social responsibility, and social-emotional well-being. Click here to see Principal’s Message.

Mailing Address: 725 W. Altadena Drive, Altadena, California 91001  |  Odyssey (626) 229-0993  |  Odyssey South (626) 209-5635


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