This section is designed to provide the latest communications regarding COVID-19 as well as general resources to help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.  Below are some of our quick links to policies and relevant documents to provide resources to our community.

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Odyssey Charter Schools

Odyssey Charter Schools American Rescue Plan Act Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund (ESSER III) Safe Return to In-Person Instruction

Odyssey Charter Schools Health and Safety Policy for COVID-19_8.5.21

CSP Injury and Illness Prevention Plan: COVID-19 Addendum for Odyssey Charter Schools_8.5.21

Odyssey Charter

Odyssey Charter School COVID-19 Operations Written Report 6-16-20

Odyssey Charter School CDPH COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist 3.18.21

Odyssey Charter School LACDPH Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools

Odyssey Charter School LACDPH Exposure Management Plan

Odyssey Charter Schools LACDPH Protocol for Organized Youth Sports

Odyssey South

Odyssey South COVID-19 Operations Written Report 6-16-20

Odyssey South CDPH COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist

Odyssey South PPHD Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools

Odyssey South PPHD Exposure Management Plan



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