Odyssey Charter Schools “Classroom without walls” learning philosophy partners the development of student’s academic skills with real life knowledge through exploration, investigation, reflection,and collaboration with other students, teachers, parents and the wider community.

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Our co-curricular programs are an extension of our “classroom without walls” teaching philosophy. Where our budget permits, we provide students with Gardening, Art, and Physical Education programs which serve as an integral part of our students’ education, recognizing the diverse strengths, interests, and learning styles of all our students.


Our Gardening program provides students with a nature-based experience that helps students engage in hands-on learning, critical thinking, and collaboration skills through environmental and sustainability education. Our garden program integrates curricular approaches into fully engaged learning experiences of Ecological, Hands-On, Interdisciplinary, Exploratory.


Our art classes invite students to explore a wide variety of techniques with the goal of developing artistic behaviors that children can integrate in all aspects of their learning. Students develop skills and vocabulary in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage, Sculpture, Fiber Arts, and Clay making.


Our Physical Education program pairs physical fitness and skill building with social-emotional learning, offering students a well-rounded opportunity to develop their bodies and minds to gain skills in both the physical and academic aspects of education—and life.



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